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Earn Free Flybuys Points by Watching Adverts

Earn Free Flybuys Points by watching Adverts on Your Phone

What’s the Deal? Free Flybuys,Velocity Points or Etihad Points

Free Flybuys Points

Free Flybuys Points

  • Details about the App are here and you can Download the flybuys Android App from the Google Play Store here  and then once linked with your flybuys account you can view adverts and offers to earn free points each time you unlock your phone.
  • You can earn upto 2000 in the first month then 1000 each month thereafter for a total of 13,000 in the first year.
  • This equates to $65 worth of Flybuys points or they can be converted across to 5,655 Virgin Australia Velocity Points or 5,200 Etihad Guest Miles.
  • Using Etihad Guest Miles to redeem for Economy Awards on their partner Virgin Australia starts at 6,900 miles and using velocity for redemptions on Virgin starts at 8,700 points plus taxes. So it will take you just under 17 months to get an economy award on either of these airlines if you have just one Android account and one flybuys account and get the maximum amount of points each month 😉

Important Takeaways

  • You can earn 350, 650 or 1,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS every 30 days just for viewing ads, content and offers. (DOUBLE in the first month)
  • Ads and offers appear each time you unlock your phone. This may be a pain depending on your preferences. If you pause the ads you may not get the maximum amount of points.
  • Maximum one Flybuys account and one phone per flybuys account. Technically you are only supposed to have one flybuys account per household also. If you have more, best to make sure they are linked to a different velocity login. You can always family transfer between Velocity Accounts subject to the maximums.
  • It uses your data on your phone – under 150mb of additional data per month which will be charged as per your mobile phone provider’s data plan. Best to make sure you have enough data as it wouldn’t be great to be charged an overage e.g. $10 for an extra GB if it’s for viewing these ads!

The Fine Print (some of it)

  • Once the application has been successfully downloaded from the Google Play Store, flybuys members may be able to collect either 350, 650 or 1,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS every 30 days just for viewing ads, content and offers when unlocking their Android phone. Please note that you may not be eligible for flybuys BONUS POINTS if you don’t view the minimum number of ads, content and offers in a 30 day period. This may occur, for example, if you pause Unlock Rewards multiple times during a 30 day period.
  • flybuys members who download the Unlock Rewards app will be allocated their flybuys BONUS POINTS after 30 consecutive days of using the Unlock Rewards application, viewing ads, content and offers when unlocking an Android phone.
  • flybuys points will be credited to the participating flybuys account within 24 hours following the completion of a 30 day period of using the Unlock Rewards application, viewing ads, content and offers when unlocking an Android phone.
  • Unlock Rewards only works on one Android phone at a time. If you register using a new device with the same flybuys membership card, Unlock Rewards will no longer allow you to collect flybuys BONUS POINTS on your old device.

Our Takeaways on the Deal and Conclusion

  • It’s free points. What’s not to like about that!
  • It may be an intrusion on your phone – you may be able to install on another android device that you don’t use as your main device to get round this.
  • Presumably there’s some data sharing between Unlock Rewards and flybuys of your ad watching or shopping habits as part of the linking process – creating more big data – possible privacy implications or potentially better targeted offers depending on how you view this. It’s probably no more nefarious than using Google products such as Gmail, YouTube etc which collate information on much more than just viewing habits. Forbes ran an article about how Target knows a woman is pregnant before her father does as an example of what information your shopping habits can convey.
  • The App has mixed reviews – some comments on the app said “very annoying”, others said it was “Great”, so make your own mind up about the scheme.
  • It’s not available for iphone – either it has not been developed yet or outside what’s acceptable or possible from a privacy perspective or what Apple permits for an app on the iphone.
  • I don’t have an android mobile device so I am unable to try it but will consider installing it on a non phone android device 😉

Let us know your thoughts and if you’ll be trying it and if you have tried it what you think of the app and the opportunity?


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